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UMSC is very honoured to have been one of the select few elite clubs in Ontario which are part of the OPDL (Ontario Player Development League). 

Unionville Milliken Soccer Club has the following OPDL Teams as of January 2019: 

  • U-13 2006 Boys Team & U-13 2003 Girls Team
  • U-14 2005 Boys Team & U-14 2004 Girls Team
  • U-15 2004 Boys Team & U-15 2005 Girls Team
  • U-16 2003 Boys Team & U-16 2006 Girls Team
  • U-17 2002 Boys Team & U-17 2002 Girls Team
  • U-21 1996 Mens Team & U-21 1996 Womens Team


Players wishing to attend UMSC OPDL trials must first register online.


Click here to register



Open Development Sessions for our 2020 OPDL Boys Team: Coming Soon


Open Development Sessions for our 2020 OPDL Girls Team: Coming Soon


What is the OPDL?

The Ontario Player Development League (OPDL), is Ontario's first standards-based youth high performance league that combines top level competition with strict high performance training standards. This exciting new youth high performance program is an important component of the overall movement to adopt the core principles of Long Term Player Development (LTPD) across soccer at large in Ontario and Canada.


How does a club become a member of the OPDL?

In April 2013, the Ontario Soccer invited Clubs to respond to a Request For Proposal (RFP) for OPDL membership (2 year license). The Ontario Soccer OPDL Selection Committee reviewed the submitted applications and performed site audits. The Ontario Soccer announced the list of successful clubs for the 2014 and 2015 Seasons on September 24th. UMSC is proud to be one of 19 clubs selected to be a part of the OPDL.

When does OPDL start and for which age groups?

UMSC has been with the OPDL since April 2014 with, at that point, the 2006 (U13) Boys and Girls Teams. A new age group is added each year per table below:








U13 (2001)

U13 (2002)

U13 (2003)

U13 (2004)

U13 (2005)

U13 (2006)


U14 (2001)

U14 (2002)

U14 (2003)

U14 (2004)

U14 (2005)



U15 (2001)

U15 (2002)

U15 (2003)

U15 (2004)




U16 (2001)

U16 (2002)

U16 (2003)





U17 (2001)

U17 (2002)






U21 (1996)

What will be the impact on current Youth Competitive Leagues?

The District and Regional Leagues (YRSL, CSL, and OWSL) are not affected by the new OPDL. The previous Provincial League (OYSL) has been phased out. 

What impact would OPDL membership have on Recreational Leagues?

The UMSC's recreational programs would not be negatively impacted by the OPDL membership. With the membership, it would be easier to maintain quality technical staff to support those programs. Membership in the OPDL would also mandate Ontario Soccer's "No Scores/No Standings" policy for all programming up to U-12 by 2016.

Update: "No Scores/No Standings" is currently being used for U-9 and under programming.


Would the current UMSC Competitive “A” (Red) teams change as a result of the OPDL membership?

Open trials are mandatory for all OPDL teams. After the open trials, invitations for further trials may be administered by the coaching staff based on performance.

There are no geographical boundaries for OPDL teams; we do not reserve spots for local players nor do we show preferential treatment for local players. Current UMSC players must assume that they will be competing against players from other soccer clubs for spots on the UMSC OPDL teams. Rosters will be decided and selected based on the most dedicated and skilled players, regardless of club origin.  


Will there be promotions/relegations in the OPDL?

No. Clubs are awarded 2 year licenses for OPDL membership.


How are players selected into OPDL teams?

Player are selected following a number of Open Trials (see below for details).

Following the conclusion of the Open Trials, Invitation Trials will be sent to successful candidates to participate in the UMSC OPDL Program.

Players interested in attending the OPDL Open Trials need to complete the OPDL Player Profile Form and contact either the Boys Technical Director, Filipe Bento; or the Girls Technical Director, Paul Omoghan to confirm trial attendance.


Are there player residency rules in the OPDL?



Are there player movement restrictions in the OPDL?

Yes. Details of the OPDL League policies regarding this can be found here


Who should tryout for OPDL teams?

All Boys and Girls born in and after 2001 are invited to attend the trials for the UMSC OPDL teams within their age group.


What would the commitment requirement be for OPDL players?

OPDL teams are required to operate a 10-month season. The OPDL indoor training will begin in mid-January and run through to early April. The OPDL season will consist of 28 games beginning in April and running through to November. OPDL teams will practice a minimum three times a week for 10 months. Games will not be scheduled on long-weekends in the summer and establishes a two-week summer break within the year. 

If my child does not wish to become soccer-dedicated at U13 could he or she make the choice later?

Yes, open trials will be held each year and team head coaches will continue to track the development of all players in their age group. Should your child meet the standard and want to make the extra commitment later in their career, the opportunity would be available.

How does the OPDL affect multi-sport athletes?

UMSC promotes multi-sport participation as a means to develop an all-round athlete. Should a player be selected and choose to play at OPDL level as well as other sports, they should be advised that the training schedule is time-consuming and should be wary of overworking. That being said, staff will work with players to make sure the player benefits from the situation and does not miss out as a result. 

If my child did not get selected or chose not to play for the OPDL team what other options would I have?

The club is committed to providing soccer opportunities for children of every ability and commitment level. The league structure beneath the OPDL will continue to enter teams into regional leagues (CSL) and into district league (YRSL). Ideally, each age group would field three tiered, competitive teams, including a select and house league program.  

Why are all OPDL games on Saturday?

Part of the purpose of the OPDL is to expose top players to scouts from the provincial and national soccer teams and from Canadian and U.S. Universities and Colleges. Assembling all the teams and important individuals in the same place on game day makes this process possible. It also reduces travel time for the players as there is less likely to be traffic on weekends.

Who are the UMSC OPDL teams coaches?

 Boys Teams

Filipe Bento 

Position: Club Head Coach / Technical Director - Boys

Profile: Filipe has coached for UMSC since 2005. He is a Nationally license coach who received his first child, youth and senior license with UMSC. Filipe played pro soccer in Brazil and Portugal and worked with the ‘94 boys National Championship Team. As technical director, he currently works with all age groups within the club. 

License: Pre “B” 2006, Provincial “B” 2008, National “B” 2009, National “A” Part 1 2011

Andrei Gapanenko

Position: Head Coach / Technical Staff - Boys

Profile: Andrei has coached for UMSC since 2011. Andrei was a part of the UMSC youth program himself starting from U13 - U17. He went on to play for the Canadian Soccer League from age 17-22. As a technical staff member, he runs training sessions for UMSC teams and club programs.

License: Provincial “B” 2012 (B-2098)

 Girls Teams

Paul Omoghan

Position: Club Head Coach / Technical Director - Girls

Profile: Paul has coached for UMSC since 2000. He is a Nationally licensed coach who received his first child, youth and senior license with the UMSC. Paul has worked with girls ‘88, ‘90, ‘91, ‘92, and ‘93 OYSL teams. As the technical director of the girl's program, he currently works with all age groups within the club.

License: Pre “B” 2006, Provincial “B” 2008, National “B” 2009, National “A” Part 1 2011


Position: Head Coach / Technical Staff - Girls

Profile: Bill has coached for UMSC since 1996. He has played soccer since he was 3 and has played at all levels including college & semi pro and continues to play to this day. He has coached a number of women's leagues including: Grassroots, CGSL, OYSL, and Women's.

License: Pre “B” 2009, Provincial “B” 2012, CSA National “B” 2013 (B-1746)


What are the estimated costs the OPDL program?

The Ontario Soccer has estimated that these costs will be between $4,000 and $4,500 per player annually. These fees will satisfy a number of high-level league requirements such as:


  • Fully supported technical staff;
  • A National-level team head coach;
  • An assistant coach with a Provincial certification;
  • Twice-weekly goalkeeping coaching;
  • Strength and conditioning coaching;
  • Sports medicine personnel and programs; 
  • Year-round (10 1/2 month) indoor and outdoor training facilities;
  • Full-time administrative and support staff; and 
  • Many other items.

UMSC has much of this structure already in place. The estimated player fee is $600 to $750 for Indoor Training and $1800 to $2000 for OPDL season for a total of 10 1/2 months of activities. This cost could be reduced with the help of Corporate Sponsorship as well as team and club  fundraising initiatives. In addition, we have a Hardship Fund for families in need.

There would be Ontario Soccer bursaries available to provide partial assistance to a very limited number of young people to play in the OPDL. Financial assistance would be based on family financial situations. 

Fees are further broken down to: 

 Indoor Training - November to March (14 weeks approx. - to be confirmed):

  • Minimum 3 Practice Sessions Per Week
  • Minimum 2 Goal-Keeper Practice Sessions Per Week
  • Minimum 1 Fitness Session Per Week, including Baseline and Pre-Season Testing
  • Athletic Therapist
  • Nutrition Workshops
  • Classroom Sessions
  • Soccer Dome and Gym Rentals


OPDL Season - April to November (approximately 32 weeks approx.):
  • OPDL League and Player Registration Fees
  • 28 League Games (to be confirmed)
  • Minimum 3 Practice Sessions Per Week
  • Minimum 2 Goal-Keeper Practice Sessions Per Week
  • Minimum 1 Fitness Session Per Week, including Baseline and Pre-Season Testing
  • Athletic Therapist
  • Nutrition Workshops
  • Classroom Sessions
  • Field Rentals (Turf, Grass, Class A Lit Fields)
  • Player Uniforms
  • Team Equipment
  • End of Season Rep Banquet


I have more general questions!

The OPDL provides a guide for parents/guardians looking into this program and its teams. It can be found here.

The Operational Rules and Guidelines for the OPDL can be found here

Why select the UMSC?

Soccer Development:
  • Development as a Core Value since 2001.
  • Standards Based, LTPD Compliant.
  • Well-Defined Structure and Program.
  • Respected Track Record (National Champions, Ontario Cup Champions, League
  • Champions, Annual University Scholarships, Alumni  in Canadian Varsity, NCAA,
  • Team Canada Juniors, Toronto FC, Numerous European Professional Clubs.
  • Well defined, LTPD Compliant Coaching Philosophy.
  • Professional Technical Directors for Boys and Girls.
  • Professional Technical Staff for Each Competitive Team.
  • Internal Coach Identification and Mentoring.
  • Strong Investment in Coaching Development.
  • Large Pool of Volunteer Coaches and Assistants.


Facilities & Equipment:
  • 2 full sized Artificial Turf Fields.
  • Indoor Turf Soccer Dome.
  • Numerous A class Lit Grass Fields.
  • Numerous Large Indoor Gyms.
  • Active engagement with the City of Markham Facilities & Planning.
  • Adidas Tier 1 Customer.


Administration & Financial:
  • Ontario Soccer Club Excellence Gold Award Recipient 
  • Professional Program Administrators
  • Competitive Program is self-financing and without subsidies.
  • Strong Corporate Sponsorship support.
  • Club is a recipient of a multi-year Trillium Grant in 2012 for LTPD Implementation.
  • Financial Assistance is offered on a case by case basis.




  • Strives for Operational Excellence for Practices and Processes.
  • Stakeholders (Board Members) are actively engaged in and fully support OPDL participation.


Community Involvement:
  • Actively supports and participates in numerous community events.
  • Hosts 3 Tournaments annually (2 Soccer and 1 Golf).
  • Delivers a Special Needs program all year round.
  • Recognizes Volunteer Contributions at an Annual Complimentary Banquet.
  • Has a strong relationship with the City of Markham and has a voice on a range of issues and initiatives.
  • Host numerous OSA/YRSA Soccer Events such as 1st Pre B Women License,
  • Coaching Conferences, LTPD Fundamentals Clinics, Ontario Cup Tournaments,
  • OYSL Opening Weekend (5 years in a row), CSL Cup Finals, etc…


UMSC is proud to be Markham's Soccer Experts