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Coaches Resources

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UMSC is grateful for our volunteer coaches that support this wonderful not for profit community soccer club year after year. In addition to holding clinics for our volunteer coaches, we have put together some resources for you to take advantage of.

The Ontario Soccer Association (OSA) has done an incredible job putting together resources that we encourage all of our coaches to take advantage of.

What is Grassroots Soccer? 

“Grassroots is the most important part of the player pathway. This is where we give children their first experience in soccer. Ensuring that this experience is fun and enjoyable and revolves around child-friendly soccer (LTPD) is essential. The coaching objective here is simple: have them fall in love with the game.”  

Please take a moment to read the below OSA link on Grassroots Soccer: http://www.ontariosoccer.net/images/publications/2015/player/grassroots/What-Is-Grassroots-Soccer.pdf 

Grassroots Practices for players U4 - U12 presented by the Ontario Soccer Association can be located here: http://www.ontariosoccer.net/player/grassroots/grassroots-resources/grassroots-practices

Are you a visual learner? You can watch grassroots practices provided by the Ontario Soccer Associationhttp://www.ontariosoccer.net/player/grassroots/grassroots-resources/grassroots-video-practices

Take Advantage of the Ontario Soccer Association's FREE Coaching Webinars for Coaches

UMSC promotes & shares these webinars with our coaches on the UMSC twitter , facebook pages as well as by email when they are being hosted to encourage our coaches to take advantage of them.

Here is a link to the Ontario Soccer Associations Coach Webinars: http://www.ontariosoccer.net/player/grassroots/grassroots-resources/grassroots-webinars  we encourage all of our coaches to follow the OSA and key staff on Twitter.

OSA Twitter: https://twitter.com/OSA_Tweeter 

Bobby Lennox, OSA Manager of Player Development: https://twitter.com/heiditoot 

What is LTPD?

Simply put, LTPD is putting children in the proper environment to help them enjoy success and fall in love with the beautiful game of soccer. UMSC has been following the LTPD model long before it was mandated for clubs to follow. It is why, our Lil' Striker Development program had 64 teams this outdoor season with very low numbers so players had lots opportunity to have touches on the ball. Here is a great resource that we encourage our coaches and parents to read & watch on LTPD by the OSA: http://www.ontariosoccer.net/player/ltpd


Click here for UMSC Lil' Striker (ages 3-8) Practice Plans: http://www.u-msc.com/Default.asp?id=forms-and-publications&l=1


What is the Retreat Line? 

The retreat line has been introduced in the grassroots game over the past year to help develop a young player's ability to play out from the goalkeeper and keep possession as they build an attack. This teaching tool has also been used to help build confidence in players as they retain possession of the ball. The retreat line will come into play when the ball has gone out for a goal kick or when the goalkeeper has the ball in his/her arms.

All opponents must be behind the retreat line and cannot cross the retreat line until the ball:

• Is touched by a player of the team taking the goal kick OR,

• Leaves the field of play OR,

• Goes over the retreat line. (If the goalkeeper chooses to play the ball across the retreat line prior to the opposition crossing the retreat line 7v7/9v9) 

Coaches of players U4-U12 are encouraged to watch this webinar on the Retreat Line that was put together by the OSA's Carl Horton & Bobby Lennox: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPTwcXgTky8 

Here is another great OSA resource on the Retreat Line: http://www.ontariosoccer.net/images/publications/2015/player/grassroots/Retreat-Line-Presentation.pdf  


Game Leaders

Unionville Milliken Soccer Club uses Game Leaders to facilitate games for Lil Strikers Active Start and Fundamentals. Here is a link to the Game Leader information on the OSA website: http://www.ontariosoccer.net/player/grassroots/game-leader


"FIFA 11+" Warm Up & Core Exercises for all UMSC Players - Recreational, Competitive & OPDL

UMSC requires that all team implement that "FIFA 11+" warm up and core exercises into their training. This preventative program helps reduce players risk for injury for both male and female soccer players ages 14 and older. It was developed by an international group of experts and the effectiveness has been proven in a scientific study. Teams that performed the "FIFA 11+" at least 2 times per week had 30-50% fewer injured players.

The programme should be performed, as a standard warm-up, at the start of each training session at least twice a week, it takes about 20 minutes to complete. Prior to games, only the running exercises (part 1 and 3) should be performed. 

Coaches, please click this link to learn more and follow videos on the "FIFA-11+" warm up and core exercises: http://f-marc.com/11plus/exercises/